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(All-Natural) Cold and Cough Syrup

Posted on: February 17th, 2012 by TheHotMama


**Please note this specific recipe is NOT for pregnant or nursing Moms, as one of the ingredients used, Licorice root, is not safe for this special population.  The beauty of many herbal remedies is you can add or subtract ingredients as needed/required; and if you are pregnant or nursing you should leave out the Licorice root.  Most information states Echinacea is safe during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, and it is NOT on the “herbs to avoid list”, so you’ll have to make that determination based on your own research.  Here is a list of herbs to avoid while pregnant.**


This is an amazing, natural cough and cold syrup (and sore throat soother) for the entire family (except those currently growing babies and nursing)  It can be used in children as well, but those over the age of 1 due to the raw honey, it is suggested children under the age of 1 not eat honey.


It can be hard growing a baby, ESPECIALLY if you’re sick during those 40+ weeks.  There are few things a pregnant Mama (and a breastfeeding Mama) for that matter, can take when she’s sick; and THAT can make an already uncomfortable Mama, miserable!  I know we all approach pregnancy differently, and for me, I am always ultra conservative when I’m pregnant.  No matter how bad or sick I’m feeling or how bad my headache was, I rarely took anything to help.  BUT, I have more confidence now because of the KellyMom online resource and my new found love of making herbal medicine.

Do not fear…I *promise* you, if you can boil water you can make a most excellent cough syrup and a myriad of other amazing homemade, ingredient controlled, organic (if you wish) lotions, potions and teas ( perhaps there are no potions, but it sounded fun!)

I embarked on this body healing, money saving endeavor after my 5yo had been up coughing all night.  I was giving her the cough medicine as directed at the intervals of every 4 hours and it wasn’t helping AT ALL.  So what did I do, I just kept dosing her, hoping she’d find relief.  It wasn’t until 3am that morning that I went downstairs and made her chamomile tea with honey (on the heavy side) and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Why?  Well, because I remembered my mother-in-law saying she read somewhere it calmed a cough…so WHY NOT at this point, right?!  After drinking the tea, a little girl who had been coughing for hours, stopped coughing immediately.  No exaggeration; from the time her lips touched the teacup she didn’t cough AT ALL, and she slept peacefully.  So this got me thinking and Googling at 3AM because I was happily curious.  Why am I pumping her full of a synthetic cough syrup (with blue lake 40 among other awesome <sarcasm> ingredients) when something as simple as tea and honey fixed it IMMEDIATLEY?  During those wee hours I found a pin on Pinterest that led me to this post titled “Building your medicine chest: DIY Herbal Cough and Cold Syrup”, um…SCORE!  So that blog post led me to purchase the book she mentioned, Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family and then I was off!  When the book arrived days later, I drank in all the information that was so foreign to me; you mean herbs can heal us, make us healthier, cure common ailments, etc…blasphemy!  It pretty much goes against what we (our society) are taught about ‘medicine’; I was intrigued!  There HAD to be some validity to all those ancient remedies; it kind of makes perfect sense.  So I digress; I was giddy!

I highlighted, I bookmarked and I then ordered the herbs I needed for my first couple recipes; namely one for cough and cold, from Mountain Rose Herbs (also thanks to that first blog post I read, because I had NEVER ordered herbs before, let alone knew about these herbs previously).

The thing about herbal medicine is, there is really no set ingredient list; you add what you need/want for what ails you.  There is a blueprint for each ailment, so I started with that and built upon it based on what I learned from my book.  So I decided to add the following ingredients for my first batch:

Echinacea:  Immune System booster and also used as a preventative as well as a curative

Licorice Root:  Use as a soothing demulcent (coats the throat) and an anti-inflammatory remedy for respiratory problems – treats sore throats and coughs (***Not to be used in pregnant or nursing mothers…you can simply leave out of the recipe**)

Ginger Root: Known for its healing properties and is the primary herb used for respiratory system ailments

Rosehips:  Contain more Vitamin C than almost any other herb, many times the amount found in citrus fruit when measured gram by gram

Cinnamon: High in antioxidants and has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties (I added 2 sticks)

Raw Honey: It is the MOST amazing ingredient and is an amazing healer (inside and out)


And *literally* making this is as easy as boiling water.  I added these herbs (1/4 cup of each) to 4 cups of cold water then simmered until it reduced by half (2 cups…you can just eyeball from where the water level was when you started) It simmered for over an hour, and smelled amazing might I add.  I strained the herbs, added the mixture back to the pot and mixed in 1 cup of honey (which I found made it PLENTY sweet) But make sure you don’t cook the mixture…you only need it on the heat for less than a minute to mix the herbal mixture and the honey, otherwise you cook all the goodness out of the raw honey and the amazing properties it’s known for, go up in steam!

Bottle it and refrigerate it for up to 3 months!  Adults take 1tbs as needed, as often as every hour.  Kids take 1tsp as needed, as often as every hour.  You can also stir your ‘dose’ in your favorite tea for some extra comfort for sore throats!

Now you have a cough-syrup replacement, which is also yummy and an all-natural way to feel better…and you now have a go-to for when your little humans are sick, and you can feel REALLY good about giving them this syrup to help them get better!

Oh..and this batch made 24oz of medicine for $5.41 :) and it tastes WONDERFUL!


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or any governing body for that matter.  The purpose of this post is to open our eyes to natural cures and remedies; and this documented my first experience on my journey*