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Gettin’ Ready for the Holidays…with (2) Cloth Diaper Giveaways

Posted on: November 8th, 2012 by TheHotMama



I saw these SUPER-CUTE Cloth Diapers pop up in my Facebook feed sometime last week from Abby’s Lane.  I’ve never been to this store in Manassas, Virginia, nor have I any affiliation.  But…it’s in my Daddy’s area and where I spent every summer of my youth (and I WILL visit during my next trip to Virginia) I knew I wanted to support this small, Mom-owned biz…so I did!


I just purchased these VERY limited edition dipes for you :) :)  I bought a “Rudy the Reindeer” and “Gwen the Penguin” (unfortunately, they were already sold out of “Pauly the Polar Bear or I would have bought him too!)  just for you; just for this giveaway!!


So GOOOOOD LUCK!!! And please support small, local, and Mom-owned business..whenever and wherever possible (and here I am in Delaware buying cloth diapers from VA..local is where your heart is too!!)
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A GROWING Pregnancy Symptom and a Giveaway!

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by TheHotMama


I happened to be on Facebook about a month ago, doing my Facebook thing, when an ad on the right caught my eye.  I hardly *ever* click on ads on Facebook, so obviously something about this certain ad caught my eye.  I can’t remember exactly what the text said, but it was something along the lines of “Shoes that fit you and change with you throughout pregnancy” and had a picture of women in sneakers.  So I clicked.

And what a great idea I found! {and by the way…this is SO not a paid ad/placement…I don’t do things that way…I actually purchased a pair so I could share my experience with you regarding whether I think they are worth buying or not!!}


Although I never experienced foot/ankle changes during pregnancy, I know a LOT of women do.  I know some women’s feet go up a size or TWO, and sometimes they stay that size instead of reverting back to their pre-pregnancy form!  One of the most chronicled cankle (HA…say that 10 times fast!) stories I know is from Jenn at Baby Making Mama; she OBVIOUSLY had a great sense of humor about her ankle/foot changes during her pregnancy!



So back to the shoes; New Life Shoes.  Sneakers *specifically* designed for the expecting Mama.  They can accommodate changes in your feet during/after pregnancy and allow you to get the best, most comfortable fit for where your feet are in the process.  Oh…OH, and a super-clever thing about New Life Shoes is how easy they are to ‘tie’…because you don’t have to tie them!!  They have a patented Z-fit strap that makes it SUPER easy for a Mama with a big belly in the way to get her shoes on and tightened without much effort.


I ordered my pair in White (more specifically white/gray/silver), they arrived quickly and I was anxious to give them a go since I LOVE my sneakers; more like my feet love sneakers!  They were very lightweight, not too fancy yet not orthopedic looking either.  I do confess, I like a sneaker with bursts of color/design, and these were pretty plain-Jane, although they are available in a black option as well as silver.  They were super comfortable, easy to adjust, and stayed tight/secure (although they don’t have laces or Velcro!)  The size 8 I ordered was perfect and fit exactly the same way all my ‘big brand’ size 8’s fit; so the sizing is on.


The shoes cost $65, which I think is a steal considering my sneakers cost anywhere from $89-$150 (granted they last FOREVER…I still have some from high school…LOL) so paying $65 for a pair of sneakers that you can wear and BE COMFORTABLE in throughout your entire pregnancy AND years to come is a great deal to me!

I really have nothing negative to say about these sneakers; they were super comfortable, lightweight, easy to put on and tighten/secure, and if I had expanding/swollen feet, there would have been lots of options for me to change the shoe (take out an insert; loosen the strap, etc.) to make them fit perfectly and be comfortable.  The only negative I can share, and it’s just my personal style, is, I like color…oh, you know, like a splash of hot pink here or there :)   They are expanding into sandals and casual shoes and I’m excited to see what styles they’ll have in those categories!


Oh, and I almost forgot about the giveaway!!  You have to LOVE social media…I posted on New Life Shoes’ FB wall (from my personal account) right after I had ordered my shoes, that I had just bought a pair and looked forward to sharing my thoughts with my fans..and a day later they contacted me and offered to send a pair to one of our fans…how awesome and unexpected was that!!!!  So…click below to enter to win your own pair of New Life Shoes!!!  Giveaway will run until August 31st at midnight EST!  Good luck Mamas!


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FACEBOOK Fan Appreciation; $100 in Giftcards

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by TheHotMama 3 Comments



Because…you rock, and I want to say THANK YOU!!!

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PUMPing it up (and out) for our Pumping and Breastfeeding Mamas! A WEEK full of GIVEAWAYS! *UPDATED: FINALE*

Posted on: June 24th, 2012 by TheHotMama 17 Comments


Starting Monday, June 25th, we’ll be celebrating our Pumping and Breastfeeding Mamas (and soon to be Mamas) with giveaways EVERY DAY on Facebook (you can enter below as well!!) to help support you along your journey…smart products (ALL Mom-owned and Mom-invented!!) to make your life a little easier!  We’d love to see your Facebook avatar daily; come by to check out the new giveaway every day…OH..and there will be bonus giveaways just for entering!!  And we like to keep things S.I.M.P.L.E. around entering will be (in the words of my 6yo daughter) “Easy-Peazy-Lemon-Squeezy”


A new giveaway EVERY DAY Monday (6/25) -Friday (6/29)


We have TWO giveaways for you to enter be sure to scroll to the 2nd one after you enter the IS a Finale after-all!!!


FINALE (GIVEAWAY 1 &2): Friday, June 29th: Ness Bags (Supremely amazing diaper bags that can hold a breastpump and have a detachable cooler compartment for expressed milk)!!


Each design is made with great thought to combine fashion with superior function.  Our bags are made to serve you, Supermom, as you work to juggle it all.  The Mamie bag is the one that carries it all!  Made from quality man-made materials, the Mamie bag has adjustable padded inserts inside and many pockets outside that keep you organized.

- Five exterior pockets

- Insulated removable bottom cooler

- Padded adjustable/removable interior  dividers to organize contents

- Adjustable straps for shoulder or cross-body wear

- Available in purple, teal, taupe, or gray

a Rafflecopter giveaway


FINALE (GIVEAWAY 3): Friday, June 29th: Crafted By Cassie Nursing Pads (Reusable/Washable Nursing Pads)!!


Cassie was generous enough to offer one lucky winner 3 pairs (one pair with a cotton knit top, one pair with a natural OBV (organic bamboo velour) top, and one pair with swirl dyed OBV) plus a set of heavy/overnight boosters to help with our leaky Mamas!! Cassie’s nursing pads (except the boosters) are made with PUL for waterproofing.




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DAY 4: Thursday, June 28th: Milkin’ Cookies (WHOLESOME cookies that help increase milk production; naturally **A 30-day supply of cookies**)!!

Milkin’ Cookies are a natural solution to help Mom increase/maintain her milk supply. They contain food galactogogues – ingredients that can help increase breast milk production.
Milkin’ Cookies are made with wholesome and healthy ingredients that include whole wheat flour, flaxseed, wheat germ, and oats. Each cookie has just 190 calories and 10 grams of fat but 3 grams of fiber. They’re all natural, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, herbs or medicines.


Milkin’ Cookies are delicious and bursting with flavor. They’re individually packaged so you can toss them in your diaper bag or briefcase when you’re on the run. They’re a tasty way to treat yourself during a busy day.


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DAY 3: Wednesday, June 27th: Undercover Mama (A Nursing Shirt of YOUR choice {including the *new* lace-trimmed ones})!!

Undercover Mama is your nursing wardrobe solution! The Undercover attaches to your favorite bra & makes it into a nursing tank, keeping your sides, back, & stomach covered when you lift your shirt to nurse.  These are a wardrobe ESSENTIAL; they provide coverage of your tummy while doubling as a cute tank for layering!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

DAY 2: Tuesday, June 26th: You! Lingerie (a nursing bra & matching panty of your choice)!!

You! Lingerie makes ABSOLUTELY beautiful, functional AND affordable maternity and nursing bras and panties!  You! Lingerie is designed to embrace and celebrate your new body shape during pregnancy and nursing.  It provides a perfect balance between functionality, support, and comfort without sacrificing style. a Rafflecopter giveaway

DAY 1: Monday, June 25th: PumpEase!!

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Win a CUSTOM Sugar Sweet Baby Wrap

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by TheHotMama 4 Comments



We asked the question on Facebook; and you answered!  Now, there is a custom Sugar Sweet Baby wrap being made using our 100% Organic Fabric in the ‘LeAnn‘ print and this custom collaboration is JUST.FOR.YOU and it’s up for grabs!!!

Babywearing carries (hee hee) so many benefits for both YOU and baby and we absolutely LOVE everything about Sugar Sweet Baby wraps and approached the Mama behind the company, Lara, and asked if she would do us the honors of making a custom wrap..and she agreed!!!!


And here are ALL your ways to enter!! BEST OF LUCK and I am ALREADY so excited for the winner!!!
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