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The Hot Mama herself Deidrea Haysel

Laura Novak Photography

Hey!  My name is Deidrea and I am the self-proclaimed “Hot Mama” behind Hot Mama Gowns.  Yes, you get to make up your own title when you own the joint!  I am a child of God, daughter, sister, wife and mother, and a lot of other things too!

The idea for Hot Mama Gowns was born at the same time our daughter was born in May of 2006.  After having an awesome pregnancy and a pretty swift, uncomplicated delivery; I had the clarity to really evaluate my surroundings.  Namely the itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gown I was wearing.

The standard hospital gown was far from stylish, comfortable, or functional.  The gown got in the way of skin to skin contact and breastfeeding, two things that were very important to me.  I couldn’t wait to change into something that was comfy and allowed me to bond with my baby girl.  Pajamas weren’t really an option right after delivery, so I started to brainstorm about the ideal maternity gown that would make me feel good (and look good).

As a family, we try to live as “green” as possible, so why not design a hospital gown made of 100% pure organic cotton?  What better fabric for my newborn to be laid on seconds after birth than something from the Earth that’s natural.  I was determined to create something that wasn’t boring or had the feel of a hospital gown.  I also wanted to design a gown that made breastfeeding easy and discreet (countless visitors at all times, I needed to be prepared for anyone and everyone walking in).  Nothing like giving your father-in-law and brother-in-law a peep show; and no one, including me, wanted to see a post-partum belly!

On the ride home from the hospital, I started to make notes and draw rough sketches (um, no, I’m not an artist in any way, shape, or form, so my stick people wearing gowns were pretty comical!).

I met a wonderful seamstress who helped bring my sketches, vision, and my roughly sewn prototype to life.  After many prototypes, and much thought and dedication to the design, the first Hot Mama Gown was born….and it ROCKED!  I also wanted to design the gown so virtually EVERY woman could be a “Hot Mama”.  I was always so frustrated when looking for maternity clothes at stores/boutiques since I was in their largest size at an XL, and I was only a size 12/14.  What did women bigger than a size 12/14 do, because these stores surely didn’t accommodate a woman with curves in all the right places?  So I designed sizes starting at 2 and ending at 24!  We did countless fittings on REAL women to ensure the sizes were accurate and comfortable.  Each size is generous, so make sure you order your TRUE pre-pregnancy size!!

So there you have it, my little “birth” story!  I sincerely hope you enjoy your Hot Mama Gown and I hope they allow you to feel like the beautiful woman you are and enable you to celebrate what you’ve just accomplished!  And I thank you SINCERELY for allowing me to be a part of such a miracle.